Fearless by Sarah Black

Liquid Silver Books

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59578-401-8

Reviewed by Ley


There are two things Colton Wheeler loves, being a lawman and his lover Dr. Diego Del Rio.  If he had to choose between the two it was no contest, Diego was his world.  When his world is turned upside down, leaving him in the hospital and Diego hurt, scared and on the run for murder, Colton will stop at nothing to right his world again and bring his lover back home.

Fearless was a story of twists and turns that had me anxious to see how it would end.  The attack on Colton and Diego’s world was sadistic and even more sadistic was the discovery of the attacker and why.  Even though I figured out the 'who' very quickly, the 'why' certainly wasn't for the reason I thought.  Colton was a strong character that saw the big picture and his actions were the result of that.  As he would say he sees in gray where some people only see in black and white, and going by this story narrow-mindedness can be very disturbing.  Colton was Diego’s protector and it was obvious how much he loved Diego, I wished Diego had trusted more in Colton's strength instead of continuing to run, then maybe we would have gotten more of a feel of their relationship together.  I liked what Sarah Black was trying to accomplish with Fearless but I felt it was too great a storyline for the length of the book, the wrap up felt too rushed.


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