Fallen by M. J. Spickett

eXtasy Books

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-55410-982-5

Reviewed by Lisa



Selena Hawke, once known as Serenity is a warrior, Guardian and fey all wrapped up in a mid-size redheaded package of spirited woman.  An officer with the Ravenwood PID (Paranormal Investigation Division), Selena lives with the two most important men in her life, Elijah or Eli Hawke who is a mage she’s engaged to and Cleotro or Cleo an ex-lover and fellow Guardian.

These three people create the nucleus for a small group of fey, were, mage and others who have formed a tight bond of friendship and mutual respect.  Selena and Eli will be forced to test the depths of their love and their faith in Cleo will be pushed to the farthest limit.  Evil is stretching tentacles far and wide and some have already paid with their lives. It is up to Selena, Eli and the rest to stop the madness before humans become involved and die as well.  The clock is ticking.

Fallen is an exciting, erotic and imaginative addition to the paranormal genre.  From a gutsy, witty heroine to honorable, carnal Alphas, Fallen manages to tie it together into one unique and awesome story.  I wish though that someone had done one last spell and grammar check because the mistakes are annoying when you’re reading the story.  Also, there are characters that connect through reincarnation and family history and it is sometimes hard to figure out who goes with whom down the line.  Having said that, small problems cannot detract from author M. J. Spickett’s intense and totally hot tale.


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