Faire Grounds by Willa Okati

Torquere Press

Gay Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60370-116-7, 1-60370-116-8

Reviewed by Cassie



Gypsy Lightning was an orphan raised by two men whose love was decreed by an enchantment.  Lightning is raised knowing that he must find his soul mate and marry before heís twenty-one to keep the enchantment going for another generation.  When he meets the man heís destined for, however, heís stunned.  How can his soul mate be a man who lives as a Grounder, and an annoying one at that?

Traveler is instantly attracted when he meets Lightning, despite the other manís prickly attitude every time they meet.  Still, he has a dark past and many secrets heíd rather keep hidden.  Can he have Lightning and keep his secrets as well?

Faire Grounds is an intriguing fantasy story.  Iím a huge fan of Willa Okatiís paranormal and contemporary work, and this story proved to be just as enjoyable in its own way.  Lightningís stubbornness and unwillingness to trust made it really difficult for Traveler, whose evasions didnít help their relationship.  Watching these two very different men come together was a lot of fun.  I enjoyed the magic in the story, and when Travelerís past came back to haunt him an element of suspense was added.  While Faire Grounds is very different from Ms. Okatiís other work, I enjoyed the story a great deal.  If you like magic and fantasy, pick up Faire Grounds today.


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