Eye of the Tiger by Stormy Sommers

Cat Tales Series, Book 2

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-787-9

Reviewed by Sabella



When Captain Andrew Hunt arrived on Terrana III, he knew it was the salvation for all those people dying on Earth, especially when the planet seems perfect and unpopulated.  But when Zheri, his astrozoologist, insists that the planet is indeed populated Hunt is still convinced that telling the ruling council on Earth about the find Terrana III as a potential colony planet.   Going out and exploring the savannah seems like a great way to scout the planet when Hunt sets out in the trek with Zheri. But when Hunt is attacked by a huge tiger, things get really interesting…

Cat Tales 2: Eye of the Tiger is a fun and erotic read involving hot man-love, goddesses and kinky shifter sex.  Hunt is a strong and loyal soldier who is torn by his need to follow the rules he believes in and the desire to protect the wonders that he has found and experienced on Terrana III.  Be aware, however, that there are sexual encounters while in shifted form and a kinky orgy scene.  While I enjoyed this book tremendously I wish that the storyline involving the colonization issues had been developed more as it is left completely somewhat unresolved at the end of this book, which is the second in the series.  Eye of the Tiger was an entertaining and fun read perfect for a lazy afternoon.


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