Eternal Brothers by N.J. Walters

Dalakis Passion Series, Book 4

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Vampire Romance

ISBN 9781419913839

Reviewed by Nannette



Sam Cassidy was a police detective but now works as head of security for Lucien Dalakis.  Blythe Nixon once worked for evil vampire Jethro Prince but now she is free of him.  After overhearing a conversation she shouldn’t have, Jethro’s brother Adrian is after Blythe but Sam vows to protect her.

Zane York also used to be a police detective and is now investigating the Dalakis family on his own. He believes they are responsible for recent deaths in the area.  Sophia Daring is a freelance reporter. When a source tips her off to some info on a story Sophia goes to meet him and finds a dead body. When Zane sees Sophia for the first time his attraction and desire for her is instantaneous and explosive.

Zane and Sophia’s relationship is intense but riddled with past hurts making it difficult for them to allow themselves to love. Sam and Blythe have troubles of their own. Blythe was left emotionally scarred from her time with Jethro and Sam is desperate to help her recover.  As the couples fight for their newfound love the danger surrounding them threatens to take away their happiness.

Eternal Brothers is a good story with excitement, lots of hot sex, and a few surprising twists.  Sam and Zane are all alpha male and Blythe and Sophia are strong and yet vulnerable.  Eternal Brothers is a great addition to the Dalakis Passion series.


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