Enjoying the Show by Marie Harte

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!

ISBN: 1-59998-700-7

Reviewed by Indy



It doesnít matter that she looks as if she stepped off the pages of Penthouse; Hailey Jennison is socially inept when it comes to dealing with men. Currently her only glimpse of sex is the Friday night peep show her and her friends partake in. A construction worker across from her friendís apartment could put a Greek God to shame with all the muscles that adorn his body. Gage knows that the source of all his wet dreams for the past six months is part of the female group who ogle him every Friday night as he prances around in the nude. Deciding to take a chance he finds himself blackmailing the blond bombshell into a dinner date. Now all he has to do it keep his mouth from ruining the best shot heís ever had at love and lust combined.

All you need on a blistering cold day is a hot cup of chocolate and a steaming hot book to cuddle up with. Enjoying the Show provides the steam with whipped cream on top. A total chick book with its quirky comedic parts: a group of women who put the ladies from Sex in the City to shame and a man even a grandmother would drool over. I found myself with an uncontrollable grin as I read how two beautiful people with less than stellar social graces came together for one fiery encounter after another. Marie Harte did an excellent job creating two characters, Gage and Hailey, you couldnít help but love as you laughed at their growing relationship. The added plus for this book is Gageís family; if only we all could grow up with such an eclectic and open mix.


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