Embrace The Wind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Romance, Sci-fi

ISBN: 9781419913402

Reviewed by Erys



When Reaper Eanan Tohre is brought to the Citadel, he doesn’t know what lies ahead for him. He’s not aware of having done anything wrong, but he still feels uncomfortable. And he’s horny. Being a Reaper means it is easy to find a woman more than willing to help him with his needs. Why he’s been summoned and placed before the three Gatekeepers of the Citadel is something he’s not been told, and the stares from the beautiful women make him more than a little uncomfortable. The information they give to him is more than shocking, and it takes a little time to convince him it’s true. Time they are more than willing to spend on the man.

Embrace the Wind was a tantalizing taste into Charlotte Boyett-Compo’s world of Reapers. This story is better read in the order of the series. I didn’t and was still able to enjoy it, but was a little bothered by what I missed in between Owen’s tale and this one. Embrace the Wind was a fun romp with a delicious sampling of what her Reapers are capable of.


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