Educating Emily by Beverly Havlir

Elloraís Cave

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419914911

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Devlin McKay is in town for his sisterís wedding.  As part owner of McKay & Inman Investments, Devlin hasnít had a vacation in years.  Too many, if Emily Sinclair is any indication of what he's been missing.  The youngster who used to follow him around has suddenly grown into a walking, talking, luscious woman and Devlin canít keep his eyes off of her.  Sheís off limits and he knows it - he just wishes his brain would tell his body especially after Emily implores his help with a special project for her online magazine.

Emily Sinclair has the perfect plan.  Having lusted after Devlin McKay for years, she knows now is her chance to catch him.  She asks him to show her ten different ways a woman can drive a man insane in bed for her online magazine.  The excuse is great, but Emilyís hopes are for so much more.  Devlin doesnít know it yet, but his wandering ways are over with one kiss from the girl next door. 

I love how Beverly Havlir gets her couples together.  Having read all of her books I have yet to find one that I havenít liked, Educating Emily included.    Emilyís ability to bring Devlin to her way of thinking with just a kiss and a touch made me blush but also smile because, to Devlin, she was the ultimate hands-off kind of girl.  That is, until she touched him, and then he melted like wax. 

Educating Emily is a great story.  I laughed, got teary-eyed and even wanted to bop Devlin on the head.  But all in all, I was treated to a magnificent story of love and romance, just as it should be.  



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