Dr. Jacobs and Mr. Hyde by Vashti Valant

Changeling Press

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-864-7

Reviewed by Lisa



Solid career, a wonderful friend and a sadly lacking sex life at the moment, Alexandra or Xandra is trying to turn her life around by joining some BDSM sites on the web and hopefully gain some sexual relief without anyone outside cyberspace knowing about it.

Chris Jacobs is a dedicated research doctor with hot looks, a lovely home and a too kind personality for a woman who enjoys leather and a bit of pain.

One evening Xandra is sexually dominated by a hooded man at her apartment complex and calls her best friend Chris after the attack.  Chris confides to Xandra that a never before seen virus is coming to light named Hydeís Syndrome and it has very unusual symptoms.  Now Xandra must decide to accept Chrisís undemanding protection or await the stranger who thrills her like no other.

Hot enough to melt a frozen orgasm!  Dr. Jacobs and Mr. Hyde delivers the promise of carnal desire and domination.  While I didnít expect or find any big surprises it did finish with an extra twist that added to the story.  Author Vashti Valant definitely knows her way around a sexy scene and doesnít miss a beat with this steamy tale of two people looking for their own brand of love and lust.


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