Dragon in the System by Cindy Spencer Pape

Southern Michigan University Series, Book 1

Cerridwen Press

Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Katherine



Dr. Lori Tremain didnít need any distractions.  She was up for tenure review and needed to focus all her time and attention on that.  Lori definitely didnít need to be distracted by the not quite too-geeky Dr. Eric Gordon from the Computer Science Department.

Eric needed help.  He had been assigned to identify the hacker who had launched the WYRM virus, but in his investigations, he saw a giant lizard tail.  Hoping to find out what it was, Eric went to Lori and the two of them start an investigation that leads to an unbelievable discovery.

Dragon in the System was an exciting read.  The story begins with learning about a dragon who had gotten lost, then there is the introduction of Eric and Lori.  It was a complete pleasure to watch them investigate what was underground, who was hacking into the campus system, and discover love with each other.  What makes this story even better was having their friends join in the search.  I loved the interaction between them all.


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