Dirty Shame by Selah March

Amber Quill Press - Heat


ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-004-6

Reviewed by Emma



Josephine “Joey” Fiorello is an out of work character actress. She needs a job, any job that pays the rent and food on her table. She is offered a shot at being a personal assistant for Dare Daniels. Now all she has to do is get Dare to hire her. Oh, and get him to stay out of her pants.

Dare Daniels is a spoiled Hollywood star. If it is female and is in his vicinity he will sleep with it, Joey is no exception. In reality he finds her incredibly hot. There is just something about her that draws Dare to her.

Can Joey keep the job or will she allow Dare too many liberties. And who is trying to scare Dare?

Dirty Shame is the classic bad boy lives his life and good girl works on redeeming him in his own eyes and the world’s. Ms. March has written Dirty Shame’s romantic storyline very well, but I found some of the suspense plot twists to be too distracting. I felt the lack of depth in the suspense part of the story took away from the story as a whole.

However Dirty Shame is an enjoyable read with several moments that will make the reader smile.


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