Demon Moon by Cameron Dane

Loose Id

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59632-564-7

Reviewed by Tanya



Cassie has loved Connor since she first met him.  She continually daydreams that he will finally see her as a woman and not just the little girl he has helped out over the years.  She is close to making her move now that she is in her twenties but is afraid she will push him away.  It seems that everyone knows what Cassie wants but Connor.  Or does he know and is not interested?

Connor knows he can never have Cassie.  He has a baser side he hates more than anything else in the world.  He is a demon and when his demon side takes over, he sees he is hideous and knows if he tells Cassie what he is she will run, and he canít face that possibility.

When they are finally thrust together in a way that they both desire, will the aftermath go wrong?  Or will they be able to overcome the obstacles that will come their way.  More than that, will Cassie be the one woman in the universe who can make Connor completely human?

Ever thought you had fallen in love with a demon?  Well, in Demon Moon that is exactly what has happened to Cassie, except she doesnít know Connor is a demon, just that he is the man she desires above all others.  I was instantly drawn into this story, especially the first chapter, which has its own twists and turns.  I was engrossed from the first.  The author has created a number of races that can coexist in more than one plane which makes the story even more intriguing and I hope to read from her in the future.  Additionally it helps to explain why all the crazies seem to come out on a full moon.  You never know what power it just might have.  Be warned there are some sexual scenes between human and demons but they do fit well into the overall story. I look forward to the next story from this author.


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