Demon Hunting by Lisa Andel

Orion Authority, Book 2

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-356-1

Reviewed by Indy



As an eleven year old just looking forward to celebrating her birthday, Terri was snatched from her familyís arms into her real fatherís hell. The devil himself, he has plans for his only child, plans that seems to include using her as a breeding machine. After years of working on her skills while being used daily by the demon followers of her father, Terri has finally found a way to return to the upper plane. Her arrival is met by a hunter of demons who has tons of skills but zero personality when it comes to the opposite sex. Gentle wooing doesnít exist in his manual but whenever and wherever sex does. Dylan Vaughan is a demon hybrid with unexplained powers. He hates that he canít keep his mind off the petite brunette who has decided to poach on his territory. Unsure why heís suddenly obsessed with her, one thing he is sure of is no one will touch her without feeling his wrath.

As soon as I read the disclaimers on the publisherís website, I knew I was in for another wild tale from the queen of sexually uninhibited heroines. Demon Hunting is the second installment of the Orion Authority series. The heroine in this story is part demon, part witch and pure fighter. Lisa Andel is an author who loves blasting through social norms and allowing the women in her stories to experience full sexual freedoms rarely seen even in some of the hottest erotica. Multiple partners, one-night stands, shifter sex with a demon or two thrown in is just icing on the cake.  Dylan is a hero who has to grow on you. Short on words with an even shorter hold on his emotions heís someone readers will either love and find sexy or hate and want to chop off his family jewels. His explosive, sometimes confusing interactions with Terri were full of emotional peaks that made me wonder if he would be able to eventually have an actual relationship with her.

I think what I really loved about Demon Hunting is that it didnít follow the rules of romance as we would expect. The hero was a bit of a horseís behind and Terri was a contradiction of personality traits all wrapped up in one. This story has a well-developed plot which was really engaging once I was able to get past all the mind-blowing trysts that left me drooling. I look forward to seeing this series continue, and of course, I hope Ms. Andel stays true to her style and continues to bring us women who donít apologize for wanting or having as much sex as they want!


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