Deep Pressure by Angelia Whiting

The Trigon Rituals, Book 2

New Concepts Publishing

Erotic Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 1-58608

Reviewed by Jambrea


Karen has problems, lots of problems.  She has a fear of flying, heights, of being touched, crowds and the list goes on.  The other problem is the erotic dream Karen has been having wear she craves the touch of not one man, but two.  Karen knows it is a dream that will never come true for her.

Leman and Dgor know that Karen is their mate.  It is their mission to complete the Trigon Ritual with her and make her theirs forever.

Can Karen get over her fears to be with Leman and Dgor?  Can they convince her that she is the one for them?

Deep Pressure is an interesting book.  I like all of the background information that Angelia Whiting gave me at the beginning of the story.  It helped pull me into her world.  I think the only real problem I had with the story is the fact that Karen was able to allow Leman and Dgor to touch her after all the years she suffered from her condition.  Iím glad that Ms. Whiting didnít take away all of Karenís problems. 

I loved the dream aspect of Deep Pressure.  I think it is a fabulous way to introduce the characters.  It helped add a touch of humor to Deep Pressure when Karen would fall into a dream state in front of her co-workers.  Ms. Whiting added the perfect mix to Deep Pressure of humor, sex and danger.  Now I need to go read the first book in the series and check out the other books Ms. Whiting has out.


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