Dark Tides by Celia Ashley

New Concepts

Contemporary / Paranormal

ISBN: 1-58608-

Reviewed by Cassie



Caleb Hunter awakens one night on the beach, naked and confused.  Except for a few major details, he’s forgotten everything about his life.  He enlists the aid of Meg, who lives on the beach.  She lets him stay, and he begins to care for her.  His lack of memory and the fact that he’s pretty sure someone tried to kill him could make forming a relationship difficult, though…

Meg Donovan is initially terrified when the naked, disoriented man shows up on her beach.  Later, she agrees to help him and begins to have feelings for him.  Still, issues with her husband’s death and guilt over the past keep rising up, and then even darker problems arise.  Can Meg put her past aside to make a future with Caleb?

Dark Tides initially appears to be a pretty standard tale of amnesia, but as the story progresses paranormal elements are added.  Caleb is an interesting character because he knows so little about himself.  He is a kind, caring man, but flashes of frustration appear, and sometimes darker emotions that seem inexplicable.  Meg has survived a great deal, but has spent the past few years locked in grief and guilt.  Being a sucker for tortured heroes and heroines, I liked watching two such damaged characters find each other.  As the book progressed, Celia Ashley did a good job of ratcheting up the spooky atmosphere.  The paranormal twist at the end was pretty cool, elevating this one a bit from the overcrowded ranks of the amnesia-tale.


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