Dancing on the Head of a Pin by Kiernan Kelly

Torquere Press

Gay Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60370-223-2, 1-60370-223-7

Reviewed by Cassie



Nearly three thousand years ago, demon Cael saved the life of angel Malak at Sodom.  Because of this, Cael has a chance to complete a trial and stay on Earth until the Apocalypse, when he will be returned to Hell.  When only a few days remain and Malak shows no sign of giving in to their mutual desire, Cael begins to despair.

Malak is grateful that Cael saved him from untold millennia waiting alone for the Apocalypse, but he refuses to give up a part of his soul.  He’s been able to resist their attraction for all this time because he wants to return home to Heaven.  With time almost up and his time with Cael nearly at an end, though, he gives in at last.  Then Lucifer gets impatient and looses the Horsemen early.  Can Malak and Cael stave off the End of Days and keep Cael on Earth?

Dancing on the Head of a Pin is a great fantasy tale.  The world-building is excellent.  There’s a good mix of action, emotion, love scenes, and back-story.  Both Malak and Cael are wonderful, three-dimensional characters, willing to sacrifice their own happiness for each other.  I really liked the way love changed them.  The various demon and angel secondary characters are interesting, and the politics of Heaven and Hell make for fascinating reading.  I would enjoy reading more stories set in this world.  If you like your romance spiced with action and fantasy, or like me love reading about angels and demons, you’ll enjoy Dancing on the Head of a Pin


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