Cyborg Nation by Kaitlyn O'Connor

New Concepts Publishing

Erotic Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60394-000-9

Reviewed by Jambrea


It was supposed to be just another day in the office for Doctor Bronte Nichols, but when strange men come to her building looking for her father and she tells them he has died, they kidnap her instead.  Her life is forever changed on the journey to the Cyborg Nation.

Gideon, Jerico, and Gabriel were sent by the Cyborg Nation to kidnap Doctor B. A. Nichols.  The Cyborgs need help with their young and will do anything in their power to achieve their goal even if it means kidnapping the wrong doctor.

Chaos ensues when Gideon, Jerico and Gabriel decide that Bronte will make the perfect mate.  The three Cyborgs know nothing about seduction because they were made to be soldiers not lovers.  Can the four come together before they reach the Cyborg Nation?

I will admit that I was unsure if I would like Cyborg Nation, a book where the 3 main guys were Cyborgs.  Typically you think of Cyborgs as robots, but Kaitlyn OíConnor turned these robots into hot-blooded Alpha Males!  I was pleasantly surprised when I couldnít put the book down.  I just had to see what these three guys would do next and Bronte was just the woman to handle all three.  Cyborg Nation is a very hot and sexy book with humor added to the mix.  I canít wait to see what else Ms. OíConnor has to offer.


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