Crossed Swords by Marianne LaCroix

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Historical Romance

ISBN 9781419913525

Reviewed by Nannette



Pirate captain Fredrick Thorne intended to kidnap Governor Charles Prescott when he and his crew attacked Port Monmouth. The governor was not there so Fredrick decided to take his daughter, Arabella, instead and hold her for ransom.  Arabella was engaged to marry Lieutenant Nicholas Wentworth, but he was killed by pirates before they had a chance to wed. Arabella hates pirates. Unfortunately, Fredrick entices her like no man ever has. Her attempts to deny him are futile and once on his ship Arabella finds herself a pirate’s lover. A proper young miss and a pirate have no future together, so why is it so hard for Arabella to deny her captor? Why is her captor not willing to let her go? A gypsy’s tarot cards told Fredrick that a woman would be his downfall. Fredrick scoffed at the woman but it seems she may have been right after all.

One minute Arabella is enraged with Fredrick and the next she is crying out in ecstasy in his arms. Fredrick on the other hand is a pirate and proud of it. He stands by his actions and easily bends Arabella to his will. Arabella may say no at times, but she definitely means yes. The sex is very hot in Crossed Swords and the story is pretty good as well, but the love/hate relationship between Arabella and Fredrick became a bit tiresome by the end.


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