Completing the Circle by Carol Lynne

Men in Love series, Book 4

Ellora’s Cave

LGBT Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-41991-038-8

Reviewed by Sabella



Cory has been in love with Remy since they were teenagers, but when one night of passion left Cory pregnant, she chose to marry Remy’s best friend Anton.  What Cory did not bank on was Anton turning abusive, but Cory survived.  Now that Anton’s dead and Remy is back in her life, Cory is ready to move on with her life – but will Remy be able to deal with the new Cory?

Remy is out of the SEALs and back home, running the bar he owned with Anton.  He lives tortured by working alongside Cory, the woman he has loved all his life, while being unable to do anything about it.

But as Cory and Remy manage to put the past behind them and come together danger beings to stalk them…  Will Cory and Remy survive?

Completing the Circle continues the story of the group of friends that started in the SEALs, only now it’s Remy’s turn to get his heart’s desire while all the other men play into the story with various degrees of importance.  Although the relationship between Remy and Cory is hot and interesting with enough suspense to keep things interesting, I found the ultimate relationship that evolved out of the plot unlikely.  While Cory and Remy are the center of the story, a trio from a previous book comes in to form a five-some.  Over all, the addition of the trio seemed to just serve as a source of gratuitous and raunchy sex leaving it feeling light on the romance and heavy on the sex.  However, as a sexy, raunchy tale that has a lot of players, this story delivers.  Completing the Circle is a fun and bawdy tale perfect for a day that you are looking for a story with a whole lot of steam.


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