Coming Home by Dee S. Knight


Erotic Romance

Reviewed by Emma



On Christmas leave from the Vietnam War, Private Tom Stabler finds himself fighting the memories of his tour of the duty. Adjusting to the changes that life and time has made in himself and all he knows. For now he is home and his home includes his first love Susan.

Susan Swenson has prayed that Tom would make it home in time for Christmas and has raced home from Nursing School to be with him for the precious few days that they have together.

Susan and Tom fell in love young and have maintained that love through the difficulties of time and distance. Will they be able to continue? When does a dream become reality and reality become a dream?

Coming Home made me cry. Even suspecting the ending that Ms. Knight was heading toward it was still a sweet and poignant read. To me it came off as a dissertation on living life in the now instead of always worrying about what may or may not fix itself. Coming Home made me think that home is not always where, when and with who you think it should be.


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