Clandestine by Denise A. Agnew

Special Investigations Agency

Ellora's Cave


ISBN: 9781419911545

Reviewed by Jambrea



Grey O’Toole is employed by the Special Investigations Agency and so is Dorcas “Dorky” Shannigan.  Over the years the two have spoken countless times, but never met.  They want to meet each other, but Dorky isn’t allowed out of her underground library and no on else is allowed in until the night Dorky’s life is endangered.  She must ask Grey to help her fight what she has spent a lifetime running from.  Can Grey help her before it is too late?  Can the two survive the secrets Dorky has been hiding?

Clandestine is an interesting read.  First I had to get over the fact that the heroines name is Dorky.  After I did that the book got much better.  Denise Agnew sneaks up on you.  In Clandestine Ms. Agnew took me for a ride I wasn’t expecting.  The book started off normal enough with the two main characters wanting to meet and flirting with each other, but that is when things turned upside down.  Nothing is what it seems and Ms. Agnew keeps you guessing with a surprise twist near the end.  All and all, Clandestine is a good book and well worth the read.


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