Christmas Mischief by Christine Columbus

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



Amber is on her way to her grandmothers house, over the river (Mississippi) and through the woods (Minnesota) to the farm house.  She has Charlie the oversized lab puppy with her and hopes to get there soon when she has a blowout.  She hops out of the car to confirm what happened and what does Charlie do?  Lock her out. Arrgh, this is the kind of day she is obviously having.  To make matters worse, when she decides she will have to use a rock and break into her car, the most gorgeous man she has seen in a long time drives up.  What is a single woman in the middle of no where to do?  She reluctantly takes his help and is extremely disappointed when he doesn’t even ask for her phone number, or how to contact her again.

But, as fate will have it, she will see him again. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Christmas Mischief is a super fast-paced, hold onto your sides you will laugh so hard story.  The author does such a great job setting the stage for this story I felt like I was right there part of the humor and drama.  I could see “my” dog sitting in the car doing the same exact thing, though I wouldn’t have reacted as well as Amber did in the story.  I also loved the thought of the hero showing up in a big black pickup truck and trying to be the nice guy while Amber does what any rationally responsible woman would do—not trust him, but want more than the simple rescue once she gets a look at him, and talks with him.  If you are looking for a quick holiday pick-me-up, then this is one read you will want to pick up.


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