Cherished Destinies by Anny Cook

Mystic Valley Series, Book 4

Ellora’s Cave

Gay, Paranormal

ISBN: 9781419911880

Reviewed by Raine



The time has come for twin brothers Arano and Arturo Llewellyn to discover who their bond mates will be. Arano, a master seer, has seen who he’s suppose to bond with and begins to court her in quiet, knowing the valleymen will oppose the union. Arturo was brutally raped and in order to heal his mind and body Arano entered rapport with his brother, something reserved only to bond mates. Arturo has always know he’d bond with a man, and after being in rapport with Arano, their mind connection becomes even stronger. He wishes with all his heart that he and his brother had a twin bond so they might be bond mates. This however is not in the cards though and when the time presents itself, Arturo sets out a on soul walk to find himself again, little does he know that he will also meet his bond mate and fall totally in love.

Cherished Destinies is a very detailed book. It follows fourth in Anny Cook’s Mystic Series and I highy recommend reading the others first. Arano, who is a master seer in his valley, sometimes scares other with his visions. Arturo, a warrior, who was brutally raped, witnessed by Arano through their twin mind connection, is treated with kid gloves and others walk on eggshells around him much to his dismay. Both men have a rough path to claim their bond mates. But in the end, it is so worth the trials and tribulations to achieve their future happiness. Cherished Destinies is incredible and a ton of imagination has gone into it and it is well worth the read.


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