Catnipped by Dakota Cassidy

Changeling Press

Paranormal, ménage, shapeshifters

ISBN: 978-1-59596-861-6

Reviewed by Jo



All Charlie Ledbetter wanted to do was grab a new bone for her dog, Pinky.  Instead, she ends up in-between two arguing men and then on the floor and bleeding from a nip.  By the time she goes to bed, she is having a serious allergic reaction and not even the Benadryl seems to be working for her now.  Enter Luke Piljor, the brother of the man who nipped her, who knocks on her door with an amazing story.  His brother, Quinn, was also there, but Charlie only has eyes and lust for Luke.

When Luke and Quinn tell Charlie what happened and that there is a remedy for her out-of-control allergies, Charlie is not sure about it.  After all, it is a ritual that has to be done on the night of the full moon and it’s a sex ritual.  After finally agreeing, Charlie gets to know Luke better and knows that this is the only brother she wants to have any type of sex with and he isn’t the one needed – or is he?  What was caused by a nasty fight in a pet store just might be taken care of by a special night of sex.

Catnipped had me giggling and laughing from the first paragraph.  Charlie knows that cats are her downfall and takes care to stay away from them.  Luke meets Charlie after his brother does something stupid and runs.  Luke needs to help Charlie, but he soon regrets the remedy – that is, until he thinks of a way so everyone can get the results they want.  When I open up a book from Ms. Cassidy, I expect to find a fun escape.  Once again, I have NOT been let down.  The way that Charlie was thinking – only I would ever get in this type of situation - was true Dakota humor.  I could not figure out how the ritual could be managed without hurt feelings, but as I turned the pages, I found the perfect solution had been discovered.  Catnipped will have you biting your lip not to laugh out loud and wake the neighbors or the person next to you.  A true must read for anyone who enjoys the zanier side of life.


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