Butterfly Kisses by Ann Cory

Cobblestone Press

Contemporary/Light BDSM

ISBN: 1-60088-023-1

Reviewed by Jambrea


Charlene is on her way to the Olympics with the support of her fiancé Bryan.  During the final competition to secure her place in the Olympics, Charlene is involved in a tragic accident.   She wakes up in the hospital and tries to push Bryan away along with any hopes of being in the Olympics.  Will Bryan let her push him out of her life or will he overcome all of Charlene’s objections with some Butterfly Kisses?

Butterfly Kisses is a sweet story that warms the heart and it was beautiful to read.  Once again Ann Cory takes her characters on a wonderful journey showing the lows and highs of a strong relationship.  Ms. Cory just has a way of bring me into a story and making me feel like I am a friend looking on and hoping for the best.  If you haven’t read Butterfly Kisses yet, you need too. 


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