Bonfire Night by Isabo Kelly

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal romance

ISBN: 9781419913808

Reviewed by Erys



Ever since last Samhain, every time Tabitha goes into a meditative state she is visited by a handsome lover.  Not knowing how or why, she just knows and accepts that she wants him, and he wants her.  Making love to his man in her visions is one thing, but when he suddenly appears in her protective circle, every thing takes on a new meaning. So does her other mysterious visitor.

Bonfire Night is a hot, fast-paced read.  I really enjoyed the premise of this story, especially the Watchers and the Whisperers.  While part of the story made me think the heroine was acting out of character, the rest flowed smooth and steamy.  Where can I find a Watcher like Liam?


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