Bold Bride by Melany Logen

Loose Id

Erotic Western/Multicultural

ISBN: 978-1-59632-649-1

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Abigail Sutton doesn’t know what she's going to do.  Her father has run off to the gold fields of California and left her all alone to wait on her brother, who's coming to town to accompany her back East.  However, Abby doesn’t have time to wait on his arrival because Newton Smith, the town bully, has set his sights on making her his wife.  Abby’s only choice is to marry someone else before Newton can force her to marry him - someone that is willing to let her go once her brother arrives. Her choice? Miguel Ruiz.

Miguel Ruiz has silently watched and wanted Abby Sutton for months.  Her charm and manners are something that he's noticed, as well as her other female attributes.  He keeps his feelings to himself because it's dangerous for a Hispanic man to lust after a white woman.  Not is it only dangerous, it is almost enough to get him killed.  When Abby shows up at his home and asks him to marry her and explains why, Miguel agrees.  He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if something happened to Abby that he could have prevented.  However, he doesn’t count on his feelings for this beautiful woman, feelings that he's sure he will never get over, even after he has let her go.

I loved every word of Bold Bride.  I found the storyline intriguing and the love scenes sensuous enough to melt even the most frozen of hearts.  Miguel is my type of hero – quiet, unassuming, but deadly when the need calls for it.  His love and adoration of Abby was quite amazing, given the fact that marrying a Caucasian might have led to his death in the not so modern historical west.  Abby’s fortitude to make Miguel as happy as possible during the course of their marriage was bold indeed - even I blushed.  All in all, Bold Bride is a mighty fine historical romance – one that I will reread over and over. 



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