Black Widow by Laurie Breton

Cerridwen Press

Romantic Suspense

ISBN 9781419913990

Reviewed by Nannette



Kathryn McAllister spent four years in prison after being convicted of killing her husband Michael, but she didnít do it, so when the conviction was overturned and she is released; Kathryn heads back to Elba, North Carolina to find the killer.

Nick DiSalvo is the police chief in Elba. After an intense career as New York cop and an ugly divorce, Nick is looking for peace and quiet. When Kathryn comes back to town searching for her husbandís killer, she disrupts his sedate life.  Before long, the sparks between Nick and Kathryn ignite as they search for the killer. Theyíre digging up some dirty town secrets in the process and a lot of people want them to stop.  Kathryn is desperate to find out who is behind Michaelís murder but she may get her self killed in the process.

Black Widow has strong characterization, it is rich in suspense and romance, and has a riveting storyline. Kathryn is tough yet vulnerable, and Nick is very sexy. With a fantastic ending filled with thrills, chills and surprises, as well as a heartwarming moment between Nick and Kathryn, Black Widow is a terrific story.


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