The Best Revenge by Amber Scott

Liquid Silver Books

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-59578-331-8

Reviewed by Emma



Bianca is breaking it off with Jackson. Tired of his lying and deceit she has decided to move on with her life. There is one thing she needs to do before she does though, a little revenge. Bianca has had a crush on Jackson’s best friend Elton almost from the beginning of her relationship with Jackson. She will get her revenge and satisfy her curiosity as well. A good plan – Bianca thinks.

Elton is shocked and titillated when Bianca comes on to him. He knows it is wrong but he also knows that Bianca is tired of Jackson and won’t be around for much longer. This will be his only shot at the woman he has lusted after from the moment he met her. Only one problem, lust is not always lust. Sometimes, it is so much more, maybe even love.

The Best Revenge is a soap opera in a novel. There are a lot of subplots that take away from Bianca & Elton’s story. Some subplots are good, some I felt were not necessary. Bianca’s plot of revenge is childish but in the end both Elton and Bianca do grow as people. That said, it is still a good story and Ms. Scott has done a wonderful job explaining a lot of the elements that make up Bianca, Elton and their relationship.


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