Bedeviling Dulcie by S.J. Ronayne

The Dark Castle Lords

Historical Romance


Reviewed by Tanya



Dulcie is the youngest daughter of a duke, and the only one left unmarried of her siblings.  She was engaged four years earlier, but it was for a bet and not a real engagement.  Dulcie is also a bit heavy and has red hair, which is not the in fashion in the ton, and everyone is ignoring her or even laughing at her.  She is resigned to make this her last season and would be happy to go home.  The only bright spot is her old childhood friend Jackson.

Jackson has returned home from his travels and has become marquis after the death of his father.  Jackson has loved Dulcie for years but has never approached her for a number of reasons.  He thinks this might finally be his chance. When her parents approach him, he is stunned and quickly agrees.  But when Dulcie finds out that her parents approached Jackson, she jumps to the conclusion that none of it was his idea and flees. He takes off in pursuit but can he convince her he really loves her?

Bedeviling Dulcie is a fantastic historical erotic romance.  S.J. Ronayne has tackled something many do not in English ton romances, the plump girl who tends to be overlooked. I felt for the characters and thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns of the plot line.  This debut author has a long career in front of her if she continues to turn out quality stories like Bedeviling Dulcie, and I will definitely be one to purchase them.


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