Asylum by Kathleen Dale

Torquere Press


Reviewer: Erys



Diana is in an asylum because she hears and feels things.  And she’s so cold, but no one listens to her or helps her get warm.  They just give her more medicine and take away everything she loves.  She knows she’s not crazy.  She knows there is someone visiting her at night.  Someone who bites her, caresses her, kisses her.  A shadow lover who drives her to plead for help from her doctor.  A doctor she’s not sure she can trust.

Asylum is a story that will keep you on your toes. From start to finish, you will try to figure out who and what Diana’s nocturnal lover is. When you think you know what it is, you’ll have to reconsider once or twice before you know for sure. Don’t pick this up if you are looking for a romance, but if you want something dark and curious, this might be a story for you.


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