A Sentry's Touch by Vivien Dean

Linden Bay Romance


ISBN: 978-1-60202-062-7

Reviewed by Tanya



Iris is a well-trained nurse who works as part of a medical center team in a rather remote part of Alaska.  She loves her work and feels that she is giving back to society.  She was orphaned at a young age when a horrible fire took her home and parents.  She was always told that the scars on her hands were from that fire.  But they are a bid odd as they haven’t faded with time as most do.  After a helicopter crash brings a friend of hers and a stranger (Avi) into the clinic her life is about to completely change.  Avi says the scars are not from a fire but the marking of a powerful guard in another plane of existence.

Avi insists he is the Guardian to her Sentry and has been searching for her.  She is all set to sign him up for the mental ward when she is attacked in her house by a being unlike any she has ever seen before, and then she sees Avi shapeshift into two different shapes to save her.  Avi want to take her back to his homeland of Varana and have her take “her rightful place in society”.  But this is all so new to Iris and she isn’t ready for all of this new information.  Though she does agree to the journey after the clinic is attacked again, and she does want to find out more information about her parents’ deaths. 

Avi and Iris are drawn into a web of intrigue and danger shortly after arriving back on Varana.  Who really doesn’t want Iris to come home, and what is real and what is fiction in the information both Avi and Iris are given?

Iris and Avi are well-matched as a pair, though Iris doesn’t believe it at first, but the author does a wonderful job of showing not only their destiny but why they are meant for each other.  A Sentry’s Touch takes place in an alternate universe, in the same timeframe as today.  The author did a fantastic job in creating this realm and I hope the author will be continuing the stories in this realm.  There is a wonderful plot line, as well as sensual loving scenes and fast-paced plot in A Sentry’s Touch that many will enjoy.


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