A Seasonal Guest by Anah Crow

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley


Briar is not in the holiday mood especially if it means spending it with his father's family.  To avoid that unpleasantness Briar decides to hide out in his new house but let everyone believe he went away, including his mother.  Of course lying to your mother always backfires, in Briar's case his mother offers his supposedly empty house to Lil, a family friend who was stranded in town over the holiday season.

Lil, was grateful to not have to spend another night in the moving van he rented to travel cross country.  Briar was a lifesaver but true to his name, Lil can see he was a prickly person to get next too.

Lying to your mother more often than not leads to trouble, but for Lil and Briar it may have been the best thing they have ever done.  A Seasonal Guest is a quick read, with a sweet start to what may hopefully be a beautiful relationship.

Lil and Briar knew each other from when they were children but were never close, meeting up again through the meddling of their mothers was probably the best present they could have given their sons and they didn't even realize it.


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