Arresting Developments by James Buchanan, Josh Lanyon and L.Picaro

Aspen Mountain Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary Anthology Romance

ISBN 978-1-60168-070-9

Reviewed by Nannette



“Coyote Crossing” by James Buchanan

Ricardo Franco is a Border Patrol agent. Agustín Romero-Price is a coyote, and he escorts immigrants across the border. Rick is in the desert with his team keeping a group from making it across the border when he sees Augi. He and Augi go way back. Rick wants to help him change his ways before he gets hurt, or worse. There is a lot Rick doesn’t know about Augi though.

“Coyote Crossing” has action, romance and an engaging storyline.  Augi is irresistible;he’s sweet and sexy.  Rick is tough and yet he has a vulnerable side too. The flashback to when Augi and Rick are teens is incredibly moving. Then there’s the twist at the end. “Coyote Crossing” is a terrific story.


“In A Dark Wood” by Josh Lanyon

Tim has a little too much to drink at his friend Rob’s dinner party, so when Rob begs him to tell the story of the skull house in New Jersey, he does. When Tim and a friend were kids, they got lost in the woods and stumbled upon a dilapidated house. Detective Luke O’Brien is at the party too, and before Tim knows it, he’s back in the woods, this time with Luke, searching for the house. It’s one camping trip they’ll never forget. Tim has to face a few demons but it could be the start of a very beautiful friendship, if they can get out alive.

“In A Dark Wood” is great!  Luke is an all around great guy and my heart went out to Tim.  Tim and Luke are really good together and not just because the sex is so hot!  By the end of “In A Dark Wood”, I was sitting on the edge of my seat wide eyed with anticipation. The suspense was killing me! It’s a great scary story.


“Gamble Everything” by L. Picaro

Adam Coventry is the officer responding to Marc Doans’ call for help.  Marc’s car has been shot at and he fears for his life. After filling out the paperwork at the station, Adam follows Marc home to make sure it’s safe. Once there, Marc gets more than protection from Adam. Trouble seems to be following Marc, though, and Adam is becoming involved in more ways than one.

“Gamble Everything” is an action-packed and dramatic story.  I liked Marc a lot; he’s very sexy. And Adam is definitely one of the good guys, in every way. Marc is a fantasy come to life for Adam. I love how the fantasy becomes so much more though it’s really nice.


Arresting Developments has three edgy and intense stories. Action and a great romance make up “Coyote Crossing”. “In A Dark Wood” is a chilling tale, but one with a lot of heart too, and “Gamble Everything” is hot and sweet with a little danger mixed in. I’m looking forward to reading these stories again!


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