A Naughty Noelle by Ann Bruce

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Romance

ISBN: 9781419913655

Reviewed by Erys



Noelle Mason is a long way from home. After deciding to surprise her fiancé in New York City, she gets the surprise. Him with another woman. Stunned, Noelle leaves his place and wanders around the city. It isn’t until someone with the intent to hurt her grabs her, that she wakes up and realizes what trouble she is in. When Sergio, a good Samaritan, rescues her, she knows she has to return the favor when he ends up injured…and afraid of hospitals.

A Naughty Noelle is a steamy erotic tale with surprises and hot love scenes. The story started with a bang, and then petered off a little while we got to follow our hero after he left Noelle in her cab. The action picks back up again when they literally bang into each other again a few hours later. Very hot intense love scenes follow as Sergio and Noelle become better acquainted with each other. Since this was a Quickie, I was a little disappointed it took so long to get to the sex, and then surprised by Sergio’s stamina after an injury that needed stitches—which he never got—but he is certainly one hot hero.


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