All Hunters’ Eve by Kit Tunstall

Sequel to Hunter’s Prey

Loose Id

Ménage Vampire Paranormal

ISBN:  978-1-59632-278-3

Reviewed by Beth Anne



The last couple of weeks have been traumatic for Shaun.  She survived vampire transformation, she’s on the run with her vampiric mates, Foster and Armand, from the Necro Sapien Containment Agency, her recent pregnancy of a couple of weeks is almost full term, and to top it off she hasn’t had a chance to make love with her mates.  Shaun’s not feeling very desirable to her mates, and plans on a little seduction for Halloween.  (Lucky, lucky Shaun.  I’m finding myself a tad bit jealous of Shaun.  Not one, but two mates AND a short term pregnancy)

In All Hunters’ Eve, Shaun, Foster, and Armand showed playfulness, expressed their love and desire for each other, and the seductive celebration of Halloween was erotic and made me say, OH, YEAH, this is how it would be with two men.  I have not read Hunter’s Prey, but the cover and Loose ID both let the reader know All Hunters’ Eve is an additional story about the same characters. 

All Hunters’ Eve does stand alone, but after reading I would have preferred to have read the parent work first.  Why?  I just felt like I was missing something.  I’ll be the first to admit, I’m addicted to serial stories, and I felt like I missed out on the background and the emotional bonding of this threesome.  If you enjoy hot, sexy ménages with Vampires or you just want to revisit your favorite characters to see what they’re up to, then All Hunters’ Eve is the right choice!!!



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