Temptation of the Warrior by Margo Maguire
Historical Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-125637-0
Reviewed by Annmarie



As his clan’s newly crowned chieftain, Merrick MacLochlainn must travel 1000 years into the future to protect his clan from evil.  A less that pleasant arrival to the future combined with a blow to the head, leaves Merrick with no recollection of his quest to find a sacred stone that will save his clan.  Nor can Merrick remember Jenny Keating, the woman who claims to be his wife.

Jenny Keating’s life has been grim and brutal until the day she is saved by a heroic stranger.  Posing as his wife to protect herself, Jenny finds herself falling for her handsome savior.  With trouble not far behind, the pair must work together to save one another and realize their fate.

Merrick MacLochlainn is as yummy as his brother, Brogan (A Warrior’s Taking).  Men with a brogue make my knees quiver.  Heroes with a brogue, magical talents AND muscles to die for, bring me to my knees.  Merrick left me on the floor begging for more.

Don’t miss Margo Maguire’s Temptation of the Warrior!  A time traveling romance with a battle against mortal evil and paranormal evil as well, Temptation of the Warrior is a must read!    


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