Never Trust a Scoundrel by Gayle Callen
Sons of Scandal Series, Book 1
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-123505-4
Reviewed by Annmarie



Grace Banbury is horrified to learn her mother used her as a wager in a high stakes card game.  The winner of the game is ready to claim his prizes which also include her family homes and her fatherís prized violin. 

A member of one of the tons most scandalous families, Daniel Throckmorten didnít play to win Grace, he only wanted the violin.  When the beautiful Grace challenges the well known rake to a wager, Daniel is intrigued.  If she wins, she will have enough funds to secure a future for her brother and herself.  If Daniel wins, Grace will become his mistress.  All Daniel has to do is seduce the resisting yet irresistible Grace.

He had me from the very beginning.  Daniel Throckmorten is a mouth-watering temptation of a man.  Although he descends from a scandalous family, he is a man of honor and that is his most attractive feature.

A sensually heated romance, Never Trust a Scoundrel is scrumptious.  Gayle Callen has created a passionate love story.  The secondary characters are especially interesting and will hopefully feature in future installments of this scandalous series.


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