My Immortal by Erin McCarthy
Seven Deadly Sins, Book 1
Sensual Paranormal Romance
ISBN 978-0-515-14348-5
Reviewed by Nannette



Damien du Bourg wanted more than sex from Rosa Francis the night he met her. Rosa is a demon and Damien wanted immortality. Damien regretted that wish soon after it was granted.  Damien lived a lustful life of full of excess. Centuries later, he still does. All those around him feel it and sense it, all but one.  Marley Turner has come to Damienís home in New Orleans searching for her sister Lizzie, whose last email stated that she was at Damienís estate.  Rosa periodically taunts Damien with women in an attempt to make him fall in love, then ultimately destroys the woman he falls for. Damien is sure Marley has been sent as another test because compared to the woman usually surrounding him, Marley is ordinary, and yet she captivates him. Marley has spent her life taking care of others and now with Damien, she is given a chance to put herself first. Marley is a temptation that could destroy Damien, but his resistance is futile.  His deal with the demon has taught him to be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

My Immortal captivates with a story immersed in sensuality and intensity. The book is laced with tales of Damienís exploits, however, making it hard for me to find much compassion for him. My Immortal  is not a romantic story in the classic sense. Itís rather sad and filled with excess until its bittersweet conclusion. When I read the last line of My Immortal, I could almost hear a soundtrack playing in expectation of the sequel. It was very cool! Although I prefer a story with less debauchery, especially when it pertains to the leading man, My Immortal is very intriguing and very well written.


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