Last Wolf Hunting by Rhyannon Byrd
Bloodrunners, Book 2
Silhouette Nocturne
Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN 978-0-373-61785-2
Reviewed by Nannette



Jeremy Burns has come back to the one place he hoped heíd never return to, Silvercrest. Jeremy and the rest of his Bloodrunner brothers are half breeds. They are half human, half werewolf.  The only way to prove themselves and be accepted into the Silvercrest pack is to kill a specific number of rogue werewolves then report their numbers to the League of Elders. None of the Bloodrunners have ever reported to the Elders, preferring to stay on their own. But Jeremy has returned to flush out a traitor.

Jillian is a witch. She lives with the Silvercrest clan as their Spirit Walkeróa healer and spiritual leader.  When Jeremy first met Jillian, ten years ago, he recognized Jillian as his lifemate, but it took Jillian a while to accept him and his womanizing past. When she finally did, he betrayed her, or so she believes. Jeremy has decided that heís waited long enough. He plans to claim his mate. His heart has nothing to do with it though and Jillian wonít settle for anything less than his love.

While Jillian and Jeremy face one obstacle after another trying to reconcile their past and begin a future together, the rogue werewolves are still killing humans and the truth of who is behind it hits close to home.

Last Wolf Hunting is erotic and exciting. Itís a perfect addition to the Bloodrunners series. Jeremy is irresistible. He is very intense, all alpha male, and very charming. Aside from being courageous, compassionate, and strong, Jillianís ability to resist Jeremy is amazing!  Last Wolf Standing is all about intensity. It has a thrilling plot, a steamy romance, and great characters. Itís excellent.


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