Iron Cowboy by Diana Palmer
Silhouette Desire
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 879-0-373-76856-1
Reviewed by Nannette



Sara Dobbs works in a book store in the quaint little town of Jacobsville, Texas.  Sara is on her own. She spends her time either at work or cuddling her cat Morris. Jared Cameron is a wealthy successful business man who storms into town and into Saraís life. Jared is rude and condescending and yet Sara is still attracted to him. Sara and Jared canít seem to stay away from each other but when theyíre together things usually go badly between them. When Jared brings danger to Saraís door, heís forced to see that Sara means more to him that he thought.

Jared takes Saraís virginity and then heís horrible to her afterwards in Iron Cowboy. Heís not a very endearing hero. Sara is extremely sweet and innocent but she can hold her own against Jared when she needs to. Iron Cowboy is a bit old fashioned. Itís full of angst and drama. Itís a fair story with characters suitable to its story.


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