In The Highlanderís Bed by Cathy Maxwell
Sensual Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0061122101
Reviewed by Nannette



Gordon Lachlan has kidnapped Constance Cameron. He intends to ransom her for the Sword of the MacKenna, which he plans on using to free his people from the English. Constanceís brother in-law, the Duke of Colster, has the sword. Gordon was not expecting Constance to be an independent and fierce foe though. She holds her own against him. Once back at Gordonís camp, Constance slowly finds herself helping his people rather than fighting with him and them. She makes them a stronger clan. In the process, Gordon begins to see her in a new light. Not only is their love forbidden, but when the ransom is paid, they will be torn apart.

In The Highlanderís Bed is a very good story. Constance is a bit of a miracle worker though. She makes amazingly fast changes in the clan and turns enemies into allies fast, making things feel a bit rushed. In The Highlanderís Bed is an incredibly romantic story of forbidden love as well. Gordon and Constance go from enemies to lovers. Itís passionate and heartwarming. I am very eager to read Gordonís sister Fionaís story. Her plight is heartbreaking and yet I sense she is much stronger than she believes herself to be.


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