All About Men by Shannon McKenna
Erotic Contemporary Anthology
ISBN 978-0-7582-1985-5
Reviewed by Nannette



“Something Wild”

Annie Simon is on her way back to the Black Cat Casino where she once won the jackpot. She’s running from her abusive ex-boyfriend, desperate to start over. Annie is traveling from Philadelphia to Louisiana in her beat up truck carrying not much more than an old sleeping bag and a tent.

Jacob Kerr spotted Annie at a restaurant in Philadelphia and has been following her for days. He’s got her attention now, but she still won’t pull over. He finally gets a chance to talk to Annie when he follows her to a diner and once he does, Jacob is even more convinced that the strong connection he feels toward Annie needs exploring, but Annie needs convincing. Jacob’s seductive assault convinces Annie they’re great in bed but she’s not sure about anything else.

Jacob’s tenacity is charming and his forcefulness is sexy. When he combines his dominant side with his tender side, he’s irresistible.  Annie is strong willed and tough but Jacob’s relentless desire crumbles her defenses. “Something Wild” is a fast-paced erotic ride!.



Jane Duvall is a headhunter attempting to steal Gary Finely away from Crowne Royalty Group. Jane poses as a writer looking to write an article on luxury accommodations to get inside the hotel. Once there she meets the CEO of Crowne Royalty Group, Michael MacNamara. After a brief tour, Jane and Mac are exploring each other’s bodies. As good as it feels between them, Jane feels guilty about lying to Mac. Mac already knows though, and he’s not letting Jane go until he’s had his fill of her.   

What starts out as just sex becomes something much deeper in “Meltdown,” and it ends with forever. The story took a turn I wasn’t expecting and the intensity of the emotions was wonderful. “Meltdown” is a very erotic romance.


“Touch Me”

Tess Langley is a massage therapist. Jonah Markham is one of her clients. Although Tess is very attracted to Jonah and he’s asked her out, Tess declines. She doesn’t want to be another notch on his belt. Jonah is determined so he stages a house party to get Tess alone for the weekend.  Tess is angry when she find out he lied to her but he convinces her to stay when he promises her a night she’ll never forget. Jonah’s intense therapy does more than relax Tess. It makes her uninhibited and changes her life.

I love that Tess didn’t think she could have a guy like Jonah and that Jonah only had eyes for her.  “Touch Me” is full of emotion and sizzling sex.


Jacob, Mac, and Josiah are experts in the art of seduction. They are very male and very sexy. Annie, Jane, and Tess are just the right combination of sweet and strong to handle them. Shannon McKenna always writes fantastic stories with tons of intensity. All About Men is no exception.  You get three for the price of one with this anthology!


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