Who Let the Wolf Out by Kate Steele
Hoosier Werewolf series, Book 2
Changeling Press
ISBN: (10): 1-59596-516-5 ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-516-5
Reviewed by Jo



Dustin Parks is comfortable with his life.  After all, he is studying a subject he enjoys, is in a relationship and has a loving family.  Dustinís world tumbles when he is arrested for dealing drugs and is then evicted from his apartment.  What else can go wrong today?

 Chad Sutter is an attorney who lives his life his way.  Chad met Dustin when he agreed to help his pack mateís partner and Dustinís brother, Ethan.  As soon as he met Dustin, Chad realized that Dustin was his fated mate.  Trying to take things slowly goes up in the air when Chad is called to help Dustin in jail.  When given the chance to have Dustin in his own home, Chad immediately invites him.  Dustin is attracted to Chad, but when Chad becomes his attorney can their relationship even have a beginning?  There is one important secret that Chad is not ready to tell Dustin quite yet.

Who Let the Wolf Out is the second book concerning the Park brothers.  This time it is about Dustin, the youngest brother.  Dustin is still in college and when he is framed for a crime Chad comes to his rescue, knowing without a doubt that Dustin could not have done the crime.  Chad and Dustin become lovers and mates while trying to get the evidence to show who framed Dustin and why.   Fireworks are a pale word for what happens when Chad and Dustin accept what is between them.  Who Let the Wolf Out is another visit into the world of the Park brothers and the Hoosier Wolves.  I quickly allowed myself to be immersed into Ms. Steeleís world and was rewarded with another wonderful story.  I know Who Let the Wolf Out will appeal to several types of readers and will be reread again and again.  I am now waiting for the last brotherís book, as I need to see the ending. 

Although you donít have to, I recommend that you read the first book in the Hoosier Wolf series, Midnight Howl, prior to reading Who Let the Wolf Out.  If you plan it just right you might be able to go from one to the other and learn all three brotherís stories.


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