Where Thereís Smoke by Anna Leigh Keaton
To Serve and Protect Series
Cobblestone Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-090-2
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Kate Darby has returned home to run her fatherís pub after his death.  After every four day shift, the firemen of her hometown of Cooper Valley come in to unwind and Kate looks forward to watching Toby Angel.  The man she dreams about and the man she is secretly in love with.  He doesnít know her past, however, because if he did, then he would finally understand that Kate will never allow herself to go out with him, because that would mean trusting him and that is something that she will never do again; trust a man.

For months Toby has been trying to get Kate to go out with him and she refuses every time.  It isnít until a fight breaks out in her bar that he realizes that underneath her flirtatious exterior beats the heart of a woman who has been horrifically scarred by violence.  Trying very hard to be supportive of her and even going so far as to make himself vulnerable, Toby canít imagine giving Kate up.  He might have to though because his past returns to haunt him with a vengeance and he is blamed for something that he swears he didnít do.

I loved Where Thereís Smoke.  Simply and completely loved the plot, the premise and both characters.  Each were vulnerable in their own way and while I am unable to understand the point of view of a victim of assault, the imagery and emotions of Kate were exceedingly realistic, and I found myself crying when she cried and flinching when she was scared.  Toby Angel.  What a powerful and awe inspiringly beautiful man he is.  His acceptance of Kateís anguish and his tremendous patience won me over from the get go. 

Where Thereís Smoke is not to be missed.  This baby will be read over and over.  Ms. Keaton, your talent as a writer shines through and I am hooked on


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