Uncaged by Jordana Winters
Forbidden Publications
Erotic Historical
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Gwyneth Radcliffe is living in a gilded cage; sold into marriage by her father to a man that is cruel and cares only for his pleasure.  She hates him and her life is one monotonious day after another.  Gwyn just wants to be free.  Free to live her life in the way she wants.  Month after month she despairs of ever finding happiness and begins to leave her house in the middle of the night in order to sneak away and have time for herself.  Alone. 

Damian Trombley comes upon a naked nymph floating alone in a pond.  Unable to take his eyes off of her, he finds himself making noise and having to introduce himself.  Time passes and Damian canít help but be enchanted by Gwyneth.  When his father passes away, it goes without saying that Damian has contact Gwyneth for comfort, which she gives unconditionally.

Uncaged was hard for me to read. I liked the plot until I realized certain aspects, and those aspects pushed every moral button I have.  Unable to come to terms with how Damian and Gwyn decide to be together, I found myself skimming until the end.  Uncaged was definitely not the book for me. 


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