Twin Fantasies by Opal Carew
St. Martin’s Griffin
Contemporary Romance/Ménage
ISBN: 978-0-312-36778-7
Reviewed by Shannon



Jenna Kerry has come to a decision.  She’s tired of playing second to her lover’s work. When he cancels plans to come with her to a wedding, she realizes she’s going to have to call it off, despite her love for him.  So, imagine her surprise when he shows up at the wedding after all – calling himself Jake and heating up her fantasy of having sex with a stranger.

Jake Leigh can’t believe the wonderful woman he’s just met.  After their night together, he can’t stop thinking about her.  When he meets up with her again, he’s determined to build a life with the woman he’s fallen in love with.  Too bad he’s just found out she’s actually his brother’s fiancée.

Ryan Leigh loves the woman he’s with more than anything.  Only, a life long competition with his brother has him determined to make his work a success in order to live up to Jake’s example.  When he finds out Jenna had an affair, he’s determined to make some changes in his life.  He won’t lose her.

Jake and Ryan are determined to win over Jenna.  Jenna is torn up with her need to make a decision between them.  Can they handle it when she expresses her interest in having a future with both men?

When I first started reading Twin Fantasies, I honestly wasn’t sure if I would like the characters.  Jenna, Ryan and Jake are flawed individuals – full of insecurities and faults.  It was those flaws that made me fall in love with them.  Opal Carew has given these characters a depth and realism that I found at times frustrating and at others refreshing.

I understood what Jenna was going through, because through the course of reading Twin Fantasies, I couldn’t decide which man I liked more.  Ryan is devoted to Jenna, and he’s willing to fight for the woman he loves, even when it tears him up inside.  Jake fell hard fast, but it is clear to see how much he cares for Jenna.  When they found an arrangement that suited them all, I couldn’t have been happier!  Twin Fantasies is a thrilling romance, full of both incredible passion and heart-warming tenderness, and Opal Carew is an author to watch.


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