Tingle Bells by Mardi Ballou
Ellora's Cave
ISBN 1-4199-0870-7
Reviewed by Amelia


Justin Clancy has invented the perfect item to save the family business, Clancy's Fancies, from financial ruin: Tingle Bells.  When rung, the bells act as an aphrodisiac. There's only one problem.  Between the shipping and selling something has gone terribly wrong.  The bells now have the opposite effect on the buyers.  And nobody knows why.

To get to the root of the problem, Justin hires Ramon Ramirez, a metaphysical detective that he finds in the Rainbow Directory.  Ramon works to find out what has happened to the Tingle Bells.  Justin and Ramon find themselves very attracted to each other.  They are two totally different people. Justin comes from an eccentric family that practices witchcraft and offers strange concoctions at dinnertime.  Ramon lives on a trust fund and has never known his family.  Together they find the source of the problem. They also work a little magic of their own.

A tightly woven tale, Tingle Bells wraps itself around a reader and doesn't let go until the last page.  I loved the Clancy clan, with all their quirks and problems.  The heat between Justin and Ramon is intense, both physically and emotionally.  Readers will take delight in Tingle Bells.  I highly recommend this story.  


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