Theda’s Lovers by Candi Riddick
Amira Press
ISBN: 978-0-9789935-1-9
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Theda has it all – a beautiful face with a very sexy, flawless body to match.  She knows that her body is a great money-maker and knows how to use it to her best advantage to make sure that each of her lovers satisfies all of her material desires.  In order to maintain her lifestyle, Theda doesn’t mind stepping on a few toes to obtain and to keep her current lovers nor does she care about anyone’s feelings other than her own.  That is, until she meets a white-haired, white-eyed supernatural man by the name of Spellcaster.  The life that Theda once knew changed in a heartbeat for the reason that Spellcaster has cast a horrible curse on her because someone feels that she needs to learn a valuable lesson.  She is no longer a slim beauty with perfect hair and makeup.  And, to make matters worse, all the men that Theda once depended on appear to have no recollection of their affairs.   Will Theda be able to break Spellcaster’s spell by compensating for her sins or is all hope lost?

Because there was so much going on in this novella I found Theda’s Lovers to be a tad confusing.  There was too much open-ended drama to this plot and there were a few times where my mind was wandering while I was reading this story.  For some unknown reason the characters did not maintain a constant hold on my attention.  I felt that something was missing that was within my reach but I couldn’t quite grasp it.  Then again, maybe it was just me.  Readers, you will have to judge for yourself.  The plot of Theda’s Lovers did have sizzling sex scenes that add spice to the story and I will admit that I did enjoy seeing Theda punished for her sins.  Overall, I think that Theda’s Lovers has great potential, but might be stronger if the storyline was expanded into a full-length novel. 


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