The Three Motives For Murder by Michelle Perry
Medallion Press
Sensual Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-1932815801
Reviewed by Nannette



Brady Simms had been the Chief of police in Coalmont for about ten minutes when he gets a call for a homicide.  Rushing to the scene he discovers Bobby McBee dead and Natasha Hawthorne is the witness to his murder.  Brady has loved Nat his whole life but she chose Bobby over him many years ago.

Four years ago, Nat was in a car accident that killed a few of her friends and gravely injured others.  As the driver of the car, Natís guilt has eaten away at her and caused her to give up on her dreams of a future with Brady.

Now someone is out to kill the survivors and Brady is determined to find out who is responsible and what their motives are.  In the process, Brady and Nat discover that nothing is what it seems and the love they had for each other had never died.

The Three Motives For Murder has suspense, excitement and romance on every page.  The childhood adoration that grows into true love is so romantic.  Brady and Nat were meant to be together, although I wonder how Nat came to be with Bobby in the first place.  In The Three Motives For Murder, the mystery and suspense are riveting and the tender romance between Brady and Nat is heartwarming.  This is a terrific story. 


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